Trails To Azure And Trails To Zero Vita Ports

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by wayfarer99, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. wayfarer99

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    I read the tmblr and al9l but really...yhe Trails series is Fantastic!
    Not only in being produced from such a good company but virtue of being solid in gameplay, cohesive in world building rich in detail but well crafted as well, much more than a lot of of the mainstream filth I pass over, sure they look "better" and offer "more freedom and realism" but they lack substance and fail yo endear and emotionally invest in the way that JRPGs do.

    Admittedly, I'll conced bias on my part but it is bias directed at wanting a "niche" game localized and released by a "niche" publisher. Well, there is my disdain for "modern and mainstream" gaming trends/attitudes/sensibilities that pretty much disgust me...but I won't go further there.

    What it boils down is a good series has a market but(at least in the US....ugh) the vita is sorely la king in quality library content. The two would just fit better than bread and butter.

    Plus, I really, REALLY wanna go to Crossbell! Tio is aforable and Lloyd Bannings uses tonfa, is relatable and Elly is awesome! Randy yoo...
    The gameplay is solid with combat that fits my tastes and pacing..etc, etc

    Look, Cold Steel 1&2 are confirmed, but not bringing Azure and Zero leaves too much left unsaid that SHOULD be said regardless of lack of "direct connections". The overarching ties ARE there, what with Ouroboros and their various threads throughout the world and series.

    I can (begrudgingly) accept passing over Final but there really is no reason(other than company concerns...*sigh*) NOT to consider the vita ports, none.
  2. Chaosblade77

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    They have effectively confirmed that the Evolution versions aren't going to get picked up due to all the issues involved with them. If/when the Crossbell games get localized it will probably just be PC versions unless Falcom ports the games somewhere else.

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