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Discussion in 'Rune Factory Series' started by Tsukoblue, Mar 24, 2019.

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    Please have an option to skip the tutorial upon starting the game for the first time and change the request system so you can do as many as you want
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    on a hill over the river
    I wonder how the localization for this is going. I mean, they already did RF4, so that part's done, as far as I know. But there's all the new stuff in the honeymoon mode (or whatever I should call it.) It's already listed on the eshop for this year ( I wonder if it's already being worked on or if that can't start until it's already out in Japan.

    I also wish I knew for sure that Xseed will be doing RF5 and the next SoS as well.
  3. Tsukoblue

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    I hope no one but Xseed is allowed to touch Rune Factory or Story of Seasons after the atrocious localizations that Natsume did on the DS versions of 1-3, especially Rune Factory 2, some of those voice actors for horrible

    I’d like to see see Rune Factory 1-3 get remade for the Switch with QoL improvements from Rune Factory 4

    Frontier would be nice to see on the Switch as well
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