Please Port This: Summer-Colored High School Tldr

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seraphna, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Yes, I put TL;DR in the title, because this is the full title:


    Translation: Summer-Colored High School ★ Adolescent Record – A Summer At School On An Island Where I Contemplate How The First Day After I Transferred, I Ran Into A Childhood Friend And Was Forced To Join The Journalism Club Where While My Days As A Paparazzi Kid With Great Scoops Made Me Rather Popular Among The Girls, But Strangely My Camera Is Full Of Panty Shots, And Where My Candid Romance Is Going.

    This game is out on store shelves in Japan and well, you guys are bringing over EDF, you should see if D3 would like to work with you on this game too! JRPG that surrounds slice of life Japanese schoolkids. I charge you with this sacred mission. Please bring this over. ;A;




    Thanks for the consideration!
  2. Rikulf

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    This would be great to get. It looks amazing, like a blend of Metal Gear and Ecchiness

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