Obscured 3Ds Horror Series (Abandoned Series)

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    There was a game I've discovered in 2012 that had caught my eye but as of now it seems to be a series. This series doesn't have a name per say but they each mention an "abandoned" location and a curse. Each game has a long title if translated so I guess we can just call this series "The Abandoned Series"... or something. If you like Fatal Frame/Project Zero, Silent Hill, and Corpse Party you will love these games. I previously suggested the first game on the old forums and Tom seem to have had interest in it and said he'll look into it but it's been 2 years since then so I hope this will help bring this series into the spot light. If not then I hope I can get help from Operation Zero or maybe make my own group to get these games localized but Im putting all my hopes on XSeeD while making the movement of getting these games localized on the side. So cross your fingers!

    Basic Premise
    Basically, each game are set in a different setting with a different curse. You wake up in an unknown location with no memory of how you got there in the first place. You encounter a victim of a curse and they need your help to break the curse. A ghost that inhabits the location is out to get you and if it catches you then its game over if you dont hide. You can use a camera to defend yourself against ghosts (similar to Fatal Frame but not as flashy). You can save the pictures you have taken and save them to your SD card. Each game as Im typing this are $5 on the Japanese eShop. There is a demo of the sequel on the eShop.

    The games are a first person point and click Japanese horror game. The point and click feature will only be active when you are in a room searching for stuff and will not be active when you are in hallways. When you use the camera you use the 3DS as the camera so you're gonna have to move around and press ether L or R to snap a picture (similar to the game Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir which so happens to be a Fatal Frame spin off).

    Before I went on ahead and bought these two games I downloaded the demo to the second game to get a feel for the games. As soon as I got to the hallway I felt a sense of isolation and that something was watching me as I walk down the hall. I felt very defenseless and wouldn't know what to do if something were to pop up. Using headphones enhances the experience so I highly recommend it! After buying the games it had more tricks up it's sleeve. It has a creepy atmosphere as if you are really there in person. I wont spoil the surprise but its pretty fun when it happens.

    The Abandoned Hospital’s Curse: The Imprisoned Faceless Girl
    You wake up in a hospital bed and leave the room. As you explore the hospital you meet a faceless girl who is cursed. In this game a nurse will be hunting you down. You use a camera to take pictures of spirit orbs and solve puzzles.

    Release Date: 9/12/2012
    Price: 500 Yen
    File Size: 946 Blocks
    Rated: CERO C (15+)

    Official Site

    Gameplay video

    THE Abandoned Cursed School: The Curse of the Mask and Twin Girls
    You wake up in an empty classroom and leave the room. You notice a door closing from a distance and decide to enter. You find no one in the room and hear somebody walking in, it was a girl in a mask. In this game twin sisters that wear these masks cannot take them off or know why they are in the school. They ask for your help and you agree to do so. A hostile ghost of a teacher walks down the halls and if she catches you then its game over. Like the first you use a camera to take pictures of spirit orbs and solve puzzles.

    Release Date: 12/17/2014
    Price: 520 Yen
    File Size: 838 Blocks
    Rated: CERO C (15+)


    Official Site

    GamePlay Video
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    Looks like a series I'd be interested in buying also, but I think the quietness of this thread may speak to its potential sales...
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    Saga, Japan
    These look pretty interesting. I'll have to check 'em out. I'm always down for some quick budget titles.
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    This looks so awesome! It really does have a Fatal Frame vibe to it.

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